After Many Days

My Life as a Spy and Other Grand Adventures
After Many Days tells the story of Shirley H. Perry, a story that encompasses her many adventures. From her days as a CIA operative during the Cold War in Vienna to her life of intrigue behind the Iron Curtain and details of her Halliburton-inspired travels around the Middle East during that period, hers is truly a life "different from the ordinary."Her post-CIA life is riveting as well. Later peregrinations with her family took her to Luxembourg City, where she founded the American School of Luxembourg, and to Toronto, where she returned to university to acquire an MBA.In the final chapters, she writes about uprooting, moving out and on to a new life full of new adventures.

Shirley H. Perry Shirley Perry hails from the Mid-West. After college, she joined the CIA and was assigned to Vienna where she engaged in Cold War espionage. Married there, she subsequently accompanied her husband to Munich and spent several more years abroad in Europe. She has been published in The Boston Globe and has spoken extensively on her travels and other adventures.

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