Natural Birth in a Nutshell

The No Frills Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

In this book, coming from the author’s own experience (with support from her own midwife, Katrina Caslake, and stories from other women who have done it) you can find out how you can birth your baby naturally. You will discover how to prepare yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to have your own natural birth, and to explore your options  

Caroline Richards

Caroline Richards studied social science and social work at Cov-

entry University, graduating in the mid ‘90’s. She practiced as a so-

cial worker for 10 years, working with children and families in both the

state and voluntary sectors, teaching the social work module at Lambeth

College, and training social workers on placement. She left social work

to try her hand at restaurant managing, book selling and running a ho-

listic health centre, before starting her own domestic cleaning company.

Meeting her husband at a business networking event, she quickly became

pregnant, and committed to becoming a full-time mother and homemak-

er, going on to have a further three children. All birthed at home, she is

amply qualified to write this book, and determined to impart what she

has learnt to others. The journey of motherhood has inspired her to write,

and she has had articles published in Juno Magazine and local NCT mag-

azines, relating to motherhood and birth. Caroline is a committed yogini,

having practiced yoga in various forms for over twenty years. She is a

Spiritual Wellness Coach for Mothers, helping them to feel calm, joyful

and powerful through online programmes and private coaching.

Katrina Caslake

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