Tattoo, Inc.

How I Built a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

What do Miranda Lambert, Chester Bennington, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, Jonah Hill, Slash, and Amare Stoudemire have in common? Sean Dowdell! Tattoo, Inc. tells the crazy story of how Sean and his wife Thora built their tattoo shop, Club Tattoo, into a luxury chain with locations across America, including the Las Vegas strip. Making millions and losing millions, Tattoo, Inc. transparently tracks the journey of the most successful entrepreneurs in the tattoo industry. Sean and Thora have pioneered many innovations in the field and even hold two patents. They have masterminded several high profile collaboration deals with other world-renowned brands such as Oster, Jarden, Bicycle Cards, Etnies Shoes, and Ve’cel Clothing, among others.

Sean Dowdell of Las Vegas, NV

Sean Dowdell is the founder and CEO of Club Tattoo. He has become one of the world's leaders in the body piercing industry by developing instructional videos, giving lectures around the globe, and creating patented technology. Club Tattoo has become the world's most renowned tattoo company and is currently valued in excess of $30 million dollars.

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