Peace Without Prozac

Peace Without Prozac isn’t a book about healing; it’s a book that heals. Unlike any other book written, it takes the reader beyond self-help to divine self-healing. Based on rock solid biblical principles, it’s written to be a paper psychiatrist. Each chapter builds on the previous one and uses exercises, readings, journaling, and prayers that help the reader connect with God’s Spirit to reveal their core pain and enable him or her to heal the core pain that has held them back. It’s also designed to be a self-healing workbook that can be used in small groups to enable and empower people to use their untapped healing gifts to heal one another.

Ken Unger

Ken Unger is known as America’s Soul Doctor. He was raised in the Midwest where he pastored mainline and nondenominational churches for twenty-three years. It was there that he also developed powerful experiential retreats that transformed people and churches. He pioneered STEP Therapy, a scriptural approach to healing emotional pain, and worked with professional athletes, a bank President, successful entrepreneurs, sports agents, best-selling authors, pastors, and a plethora of everyday people to transform their lives and marriages. He was also head of counseling for one of the largest Bible colleges in the world before moving to California to learn the craft of screenwriting and develop feature films that can help change the world. He has degrees in psychology and business, along with a M. Div. in theology and a D. Min in discipleship. He’s also been a professional actor, model, and voiceover talent, and he sang in a rock band. He’s worked in psychiatric hospitals, Christian mental health and treatment centers, and even led a Transformational Healing Retreat at a prison. He’s a bestselling author with three books to his credit.

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