Scarlet Letters

The Ever-Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism
Like its namesake, Scarlet Letters addresses the hard truths of life in an increasingly “progressive” America where the irrational prejudices of a group can crush the soul of the individual. In both the old and new Puritanism, worshippers achieve a sense of moral worth simply by designating themselves among “the elect”—no good works required. To validate that uncertain status, they feel compelled to heap abuse upon the sinner lest they too be thought guilty of the sin. Rather than simply cataloguing the neo-puritan assaults on reason and liberty, Scarlet Letters illustrates how the progressive movement came to mimic a religion in its structure but not at all in its spirit while profiling those brave individuals who dared to take a stand against this inquisition.

Jack Cashill of Kansas City, MO

Jack Cashill is an independent writer and producer who has written for Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Weekly Standard. Cashill writes weekly for WND and has authored nine books of nonfiction under his own name, five of which have been featured on Book-TV, and collaborated quietly on six others. Cashill also has produced a score of documentaries for regional PBS and national cable channels. He holds a Ph.D. from Purdue.

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