Born Liberal, Raised Right

How to Rescue America from Moral Decline - One Family at a Time

America has a problem. Conservatives aren't helping their kids mature past that arrested development phase also known as liberalism! In this groundbreaking book, noted speaker Reb Bradley proves that societal pressures and foolish child-raising theories that have gone mainstream are preventing parents from developing in their kids the key ingredients of maturity, including self-control. Too many children are becoming adults who are ruled purely by magical thinking, passions, emotions and desires- the hallmarks of the liberal mindset. It's up to parents to turn their baby Bolsheviks into good citizens by helping their kids mature past their infantile liberal stage. Reb Bradley shows how.

Reb Bradley Reb Bradley, a retired pastor, has devoted his life to strengthening families. Bradley is a speaker, radio counselor, talk show host, and bestselling author of Born Liberal, Raised Right, Bringing Your Children to an Early Maturity, and Biblical Insights Into Child Training. Reb and his wife Beverly live in California and have taught all six of their children at home.

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