The Cocktail Guide

Every Classic Cocktail You Need to Know How to Make, Shaken, Stirred, Blended and Built

Blend, build, shake and stir! The Cocktail Guide contains all you need to know about making the perfect cocktail. From classics such as and the Old Fashioned to the wildly popular espresso martini, the easy-to-follow recipes are accompanied by stunning photographs. It includes an in-depth guide to spirits and liqueurs, essentials for stocking your own home bar and tips for making sure you always have the perfect glassware for your drink. You’ll learn basic techniques as well as what equipment you need to create delicious, professional looking cocktails in no time.

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  • The perfect guide for the expert or the novice
  • The beautiful color pictures and clear text ensure that every cocktail you make is a winner!
  • This book is full of cocktail know-how.