The Hidden Heartbeat of Our Lives

Acclaimed poet theologian Nicola Slee reflects on and wrestles with questions of how to practice the scriptural principle of Sabbath in a church and world that have become compulsively driven, competitive and workaholic, obsessively activist and outcome-oriented.

Nicola Slee

Nicola Slee is a well-known poet theologian with many publications to her name and an extensive speaking/lecturing profile. She is currently Director of Research at the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham, Professor of Feminist Practical Theology at the Vrie Universiteit, Amsterdam, and Visiting Professor at the University of Chester. She is honorary Vice-President of WATCH (Women and the Church), co-editor of the Routledge series, Explorations in Empirical, Practical and Pastoral Theology, and on the editorial board of the journal Ecclesial Practices.

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