Red Hot & Smokin'


Smokehouse BBQ and Southern Fried chicken are a way of life for award winning chef Graeme Stockdale (The Stockpot Kitchen). Served up generously with a side of humor, Fried Chicken, Ferments & Flames covers everything from quick and easy mid week eating to serve-the-neighborhood style feasts. At the heart of it all is the emphasis on eating well, from scratch, giving you the confidence to know your way around a BBQ and kitchen and the incentive to ‘wing’ it now and then.

Graeme Stockdale

I am fortunate enough to be in the best profession in the world. Sure, the long hours and 50 C (120 F) degree kitchen heat in the middle of summer mean that I may have a severe electrolyte deficiency and a standing prescription for chaff cream every December - February. And my inundation with people using the vernacular of the sailor means that I will never be able to work in primary schools, but I still reckon it really is the best stuff ever.

That’s what this book is about.

It’s about how my love for food, particularly BBQ and fried chicken, has taken over my life. How I gambled everything I had on starting a restaurant to run it how I wanted to run it. Without owners second-guessing my menu and trying to run my ship (I should add also, without their stacks of cash, a definite downside!).

It’s about how if you believe in something and work your arse off then it will all work out. And if it doesn’t, then I know how to make a good meal that I can cry into.

Marketing & Publicity
  • It is about BBQ, Burgers and Fried Chicken.
  • It’s about appealing to the massive increase of the popularity of this style of food. With public curiosity rising to the point where the questions asked on a more regular basis need to be answered in a book … this is the book.
  • It’s about cooking with fire in many different ways.