Love Emerges When the Mind Dissolves


Love Emerges When the Mind Dissolves is about reconnecting with the miraculous nature of our everyday experience and, ultimately, igniting a rebirth of consciousness. Here the Siddha master Yogmata-Ji examines, among other topics, the source of human suffering, self-control, the wonders that open in the meditative state and how to let go. She asserts that through the hermetic practices of the Himalayan Wisdom Tradition one may not just acquire true and lasting happiness and success in this life but ultimately dissolve into the very heart of love. As she explains, this may be achieved through the eight stages of Samadhi, which, at last, is the fully enlightened consciousness. She guides the reader through them, revealing the secrets of mind and body and of forms of Himalayan meditation that, evolved over five-thousand years of experimentation, are designed to remove all existential weights, allowing practitioners to become as radiant as the sun—the Anugraha (“divine grace”). Written in a clear and inspiring style, with many tales of her own journey to realization, this practical guide includes a glossary of Himalayan Wisdom Tradition terms and an easy-access system of sub headings that allow readers to delve from many points into wisdom and grace at its very pith. 

Keiko Aikawa Yogmata

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa was born in 1945 in Japan.. She developed an early interest in yoga and naturopathy, which led her to travels in Tibet, China and India. She was one of earliest promoters of yoga in Japan, and in 1972 she founded the General Health Institute, where she taught her unique Yoga Dance and Pranadi Yoga. In 1984, she met the Siddha Master Pilot Baba while he was in Japan on a speaking tour. He invited her to study among the Siddha Masters in the high Himalayas, where she reaching the final stages of Samadhi. In 1991, Yogmata-Ji performed her first of many public Samadhis, a supreme yogic practice in which she was sealed in a small, air-tight underground enclosure without food or water for seventy-two to ninety-six hours. She has received the title of Mahamandaleshwar, or Supreme Master of the Universe, in India. Yogmata-Ji is the first woman and non-Indian to achieve this status. She is currently working with the United Nations on a series of international conferences. Yogmata-Ji’s charitable work includes the Yogmata Foundation dedicated to funding mobile hospitals to remote villages in India. Her global mission is to bring love and kindness to all. She has published over thirty books.

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