The Marriage and Relationship Junkie

Kicking your Obsession
After Rihanna and Alanis Morissette and Amber Smith and Rachel Uchitel, we’ve all heard about love addiction—people who feel they can only be happy when they are deep in an all-consuming love. There are a handful of books about it (including Facing Love Addiction by Pia Melody, Women Who Love too Much by Robin Norwood, Love Addict by Ethlie Ann Vare, and others), and many rehab and recovery centers are now advertising that they help clients with love addictions. But no one has approached the subject of its equally damaging cousin—marriage and relationship addiction. Marriage addicts are so in love with love that they continually move from one relationship to another, always on the rebound, never giving themselves time to heal and learn how to be independent. They marry again and again, just to avoid feeling lonely—or worse, to avoid feeling “abnormal.” The Marriage Junkie will address all of these issues, looking at early childhood trauma and how that affects our subsequent choices in partners, and how we approach love and marriage. It will discuss the lessons we learn from our upbringing and social and cultural background—lessons that sometimes teach us what healthy relationships look like, but sometimes teach us something else: that we don’t deserve any better; that a typical relationship looks turbulent and difficult; that if we ask for better for ourselves, people won’t like us or want to be with us. less

Sherry Gaba

Sherry Gaba, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and life

coach who helps people cope with addictions, trauma, and

mental health issues. Sherry is a single mother and once her

daughter was old enough, Sherry returned to school to receive

her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern


As a leading expert on addiction and recovery, Sherry’s TV

appearances include: Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab, CNN, Inside

Edition, the Robert Irvine Show and Access Live, E! News,

among others. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan,

Women’s World, the LA Times, Thrive Global, the New York

Post, and other leading publications. She has also

been a guest on many SiriusXM radio shows.

Sherry is an author of many relationship books and a contributing writer to the book Chicken Soup For the Soul:

Tough Times Tough People.

Sherry maintains a private practice in Westlake Village, CA, is

Editor of Recovery Today Magazine, hosts the Recovery Today

Series online summit and facilitates an online groupcoaching

program Wake Up Recovery.

Beth Adelman

Beth Adelman, MS, has been a professional writer, journalist and editor for 30 years. She has written one book for adults (Every Cat’s Survival Guide to Living With a Neurotic Owner), eight children’s books, and countless magazine, newspaper and web articles. Beth is also  the co-author of Sherry Gaba’s The Law of Sobriety, and of DogTalk, Cash Cab, and Extreme Couponing.

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