Innovate Now

Scale Up with 16 Breakthrough Sales Techniques

Innovate Now shows how to sell for emotional intoxication! In modern culture, it’s an oxymoronic idea. Consider the direct and indirect impact of negative stereotypes like Willy Loman in Death of a Salesmanon the surface “joyous selling” is absurd. It’s an extraordinary idea! To potentially achieve emotional intoxication through selling, that is: heroic selling. What makes business development heroic is opening the closed mind, bringing the prospect who says “I’m good” to explore new ideas which lead to a higher state of well-being. This is why salespeople are heroes. Innovate Now shows how to be a sales hero. This typically requires novel new approaches to selling.Innovate Now helps the reader jump-start sales innovation. It provides new ideas you can implement immediately - like payments in kind - and methods to develop your own innovative ideas - like overcoming self-limiting assumptions and confirmation bias.

Andy Gole

For over 25 years, Andy Gole has had the pleasure of working with CEOs, owners and corporate leaders throughout the US, helping them achieve great sales performance, while accelerating their sales process. During his career, he’s thoroughly researched virtually all of the popular sales processes. All have their strengths, and their shortcomings. From years of testing and evaluation, he developed the Urgency Based Selling® system, a unique approach founded on philosophies which drive and accelerate human behavior. He contributes original content regularly to and Training Industry, as well as other notable business publications. Andy’s education background includes the following: Bronx HS of Science, Undergraduate - Binghamton University - Major: Economics, MBA - NYU - Marketing. Andy has been on the Board of Directors of the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce for 6 years. He is also a frequent speaker on the topics of business development, sales management, and selling process.

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