Algebra Survival Guide Workbook

Thousands of Problems to Sharpen Skills and Enhance Understanding
Following on the success of the Algebra Survival Guide, the Algebra Survival Guide Workbook presents thousands of practice problems (and all answers) to help children master algebra. The problems are keyed to the pages of the Algebra Survival Guide, so that children can find detailed instructions and then work the sets. Each problem set focuses like a laser beam on a particular algebra skill, then offers ample practice problems. Answers are conveniently displayed in the back. This book is for parents of schooled students, homeschooling parents and teachers. Parents of schooled children find that the problems give their children a "leg up" for mastering all skills presented in the classroom. Homeschoolers use the Workbook - in conjunction with the Guide - as a complete Algebra 1 curriculum. Teachers use the workbook's problem sets to help children sharpen specific skills - or they can use the pages as tests or quizzes on specific topics. Like the Algebra Survival Guide, the Workbook is

Josh Rappaport of Santa Fe, NM Josh Rappaport is the author of the Parents' Choice award-winning Algebra Survival Guide, and co-author of PreAlgebra Blastoff and the Card Game Roundup books. Josh taught middle school and high school, and for the last 20 years has been president of the Now I Get It! Learning Center, where he teaches and tutors children of all ages.

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