Cecily's Summer

Cecily’s Summer is the delightful tale of an abandoned seal pup’s six week adventure into our human world. Finding the pup scared and alone on the beach, Nan Lincoln and her family rescue her and name her Cecily. Cecily takes us from the moments of anxiety waiting for Mom through all the ups and downs of adapting to the humans. Through the eyes of a seal pup we see the bond that is forged and eventually must be broken as she returns to her world. Nan Lincoln brought us the best selling The Summer of Cecily and now we hear Cecily’s Story, beautifully illustrated by Patricia Wynne.

Patricia Wynne Patricia J. Wynne is an award winning artist who lives with her husband, artist Donald Silver, in New York City. She works at the American Museum of Natural History and teaches numerous courses when she is not illustrating books. Her books are frequently on Book of the Year Lists in Newsweek, Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American, Parade, New York Times Book Review and others.

Nan Lincoln Nan Lincoln lives in Bass Harbor Maine, where she has been a reporter and arts editor for the local newspapers for the past 25 years -- most recently with the Mount Desert Islander. In addition to raising her kids and a seal she enjoys singing with the Maine Women's Balkan Choir, performing in community theater and playing Scrabble -- preferable while in the middle of a lake or a winding salt marsh, aboard the Nan&Nan, a pedal boat.

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