Inspired Evidence

Only One Reality
Inspired Evidence is a unique daily devotional which covers the evidence for a biblical worldview from a dozen different areas of science. Extensively illustrated and filled with compelling stories, articles, histories, and discoveries of science, the observations from the world around us are all placed within a biblical framework to show that God’s Word is meant to be understood in a clear straightforward way from the very first verse. 365 different examples are tied to Bible verses to show that there is no conflict between Scripture and any area of human knowledge – from biology to physics; cosmology to anatomy; geology to history; botany to paleontology Suitable from any age from elementary school to college student – this devotional is a fascinating and informative tool for bringing the truth and relevance of the bible to life. The book also contains extensive appendixes for easy referencing of terms, subjects, Bible verses, and sources.

Julie Von Vett Julie Von Vett is a well-sought-after creation speaker and has been teaching creation science at churches and community groups full time since 2003. Prior to that, she home educated her children, Annette and Caleb, for 10 years through high school. After attending worldview classes at Summit Ministries in 1992, she began teaching year-long worldview classes to high school students and parents. She realized that the foundation of a biblical worldview begins with creation, Genesis 1-11. She received her B.A. from St. Olaf College. Julie and her husband Vince live in Minnesota. In their free time they enjoy exploring the geology of the Western United States and excavating dinosaur fossils.

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