A Traveler's FunBook

Waiting in a Florence museum line? Bored on a plane or train? Hanging out with your family at the hotel? 
Get to know the beautiful city of Florence while playing games for all ages: Crosswords, Mazes, Word Searches, Spot-the-Difference, City Quest, Mad Libs, Decoders, Bingo, Who am I, and more.
The perfect compliment to FLORENCE GEMS & Giants by Patty Civalleri. The answers are found in either the book or in the city of Florence itself.

Patty Civalleri

As a historian and armchair archaeologist, I have traveled for 17 years to the deepest corners of our ancient past in search of lost civilizations all over our planet. I have had the privilege of doing so with some of the foremost archaeologists and scientists in the world. 

Today, I enjoy the honor of serving on the Director's Council of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA), and as a Board Member of the Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies at California State University in Long Beach (CSULB).

As a writer and photographer, I have enjoyed the pleasure of writing and photographing for the Cotsen Institute's prestigious journals, in addition to over 150 business and marketing clients around the country.

Once addicted to the rewards of book writing, I returned to Italy in 2017 to study the great Republic of Venice. Stunned by what I learned? You bet! Find out why the first sentence in my new Venice book is "Welcome to Venice. You're not in Italy anymore!"

Marketing & Publicity
  • Great for teachers of Art History, Renaissance History, and Italy.
  • Unusual way to learn about the city: through puzzles and games
  • Intended as an add-on sale to FLORENCE Gems & Giants