Walking Wounded


The book Walking Wounded teaches the reader how to identify their own personal wounds in life and provides step-by-step instruction on how to resolve those wounds and come to a place of wholeness. Herein, Dr. Mark Jones takes the reader through three key processes to obtain healing: resolving your past, restoring your health, and retraining your thinking. The book not only teaches how to resolve the past on an emotional, spiritual, mental and relationship level, but also how to be restored to health through a re-established sense of self-worth. The definition of a wound is, “an experience that produces pain or even trauma which creates a memory and a sense of loss, regret or even death of some kind.” Wounds can either be self-inflicted or can be inflicted by other people or unfortunate situations. Walking Wounded encourages the reader to examine their life and reach out for professional help rather than attempt to resolve everything by themselves. Within its pages, Dr. Mark Jones provides the help needed to do so and in turn shows the reader how to identify their giftings, strengths and talents, In reading this book, you too will find the tools you need in order to identify the wounds that have hurt you, receive healing, and discover your strengths and giftings and how to use them with confidence to live a successful and fulfilling life while maximizing your God - given potential.

Dr. Mark , LMFT Jones Dr. Mark Jones, LMFT is a leader in the field of mental health and restorative therapy, and the founder and owner of Liberty Alliance Group - a private therapy practice located in San Antonio, TX consisting of licensed and certified faith based counselors and therapists.  He has been a Licensed Therapist since 1992 as well as an ordained minister. Dr. Jones offers individual, family and group therapy in his San Antonio practice as well as seminars, work shops and grief recovery from personal loss and even trauma. He is also a Continuing Education provider to other licensed professionals. Dr. Jones is the founder of the Trinity Program which is a faith-based training event designed to help people Resolve their past, Restore their health, and Retrain their mind. Dr. Jones is married to Theresa and they have 4 adult children.

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