Know Love Live Loved

Let’s pause for a minute and answer this question: “What is love?”

Some call it a feeling, an emotion, and even a choice. Others call it romantic, selfish, or temporary. Some claim it to be spiritual, selfless, and permanent.

And then consider how you feel love?

That is even more open for personal interpretation. It might be a friendly glance or a hug. It might be a piece of candy or cup of water. It might be a kiss or beautiful sunrise. It might even be the slobbering affection of a pet or the scribbled “I love you” note from a child.

However you define love and however you feel loved, there is one truth that we all hold in common: we all long to be loved. We want to be loved. We need to be loved. Something within us cries out to be loved.

So, whatever shape it comes in, we want it.

Why is that the case? Why do we need love? It is within us to be loved, like God created us to need love, and without it, a part of us is empty.

It is time to know that you are loved … it is time to be free.

What happens to those who are free? What do they do? Quite simply, they love. It’s natural. It flows out of them like a spring of water that bubbles from the ground. What’s more, the love cannot be stopped!

Those who live free will in turn love God, love themselves, and love others. What does that entail? What does that mean?

The answer to that is your journey of life. It is what you get to do as you live free. It is your destiny.

It all begins when you accept that you are loved.

Brian Mast Brian Mast is a man who knows love and lives loved. Has he mastered it, fully grasped the width and depth of how much he is loved? No, but he is constantly working on it. And from there he lives life loved. It is a never-ending journey.

He is also an author and publisher, not to mention father of four, husband, entrepreneur, and business owner. He has, over the years, helped create, publish, edit, or play a hand in hundreds of books, with millions of copies in print.

Brian spends any free time with his wife and children. On his kitchen wall hangs a sign he carved that reads: "Know Love Live Loved."

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