Before Forever

How Do You Know That You Know?

Carla entered my life somehow as an answer to a question my heart had been asking for years. Something clicked in me when I met her, and I knew that if she was not the girl I would marry, then my future wife would probably be someone an awful lot like her. That much I already knew. If only "knowing that you know" were easier. But that’s precisely the point, we think. Knowing whether she or he is the one isn’t easy for a reason. It’s difficult because the journey God is leading you on is one that will search you to the core. "Knowing that you know" isn’t as simple as browsing the Internet to match your online personality profile with some pre-selected mate. Instead it’s a journey that will challenge your faith, deepen your trust, and refine who you are in the process. You see, this journey isn’t only about seeking a yes or no answer to marriage. It’s about something much larger, where God’s Spirit mysteriously touches our lives and we find God wooing us through our search to "know that we know" into a relationship with Him more beautiful than the very thing you’re seeking by picking up this book. That journey is what this book is all about.

Byron Weathersbee

Byron and Carla Weathersbee co-founded Legacy Family Ministries in 1995 to prepare pre-engaged and engaged couples for marriage. In their free time, Carla loves to jog, though Byron sees it as something you do when your life is endangered or you’re in trouble with your coach…so he watches tons of Sports Center to get his heart rate up.

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