A Bridge to Justice

Starting over in a small town in northern Idaho, far from the state of Maryland, where her life had spun dangerously out of control, was appealing to young nurse, Kate Reed. New friends, a new environment, and a new job all promised to bring her life back to some semblance of normality. All she had to do was begin anew. Or was it really that simple?

Rather than taking her away from the old life, her new job as a caregiver eventually brings her face to face with her past. Her elderly patient’s body is failing her, but her spirit, spunk, and wisdom align to draw Kate into an encounter with the very events that she worked so hard to leave behind.

In the world she fled, where bad people appear good, reputations can be lost overnight, and unspeakable grief threatens to destroy, a tragedy plunged Kate into a place of torment that made flight her only option.

With the help of detective Mark Matson, her new patient’s grandson, the Maryland event that turned Kate’s life upside down begins to take on even more sinister connotations. It is only when Kate is willing to return and confront her past, once again putting herself in grave danger, that she finds herself on a path toward the truth that will ultimately free her.

Harsh reality and a gripping pace keep the reader involved in a tale of buried truths and lies exposed.

Carol Auclair

Carol AuClair, former literary award winner, graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Art Education with a minor in English.  Her first career was teaching Art, English, and Reading in high schools and junior highs. She and her late husband founded a Professional Services firm and grew it to a company of eight hundred employees in twenty-one cities. After he was fatally injured, Carol ran the business for another two years before selling it and turning her attention to painting and writing, her two life-long loves. Because of her love of people, Carol has an interest in helping them make good choices and living lives of freedom. Her story of suspense, while keeping the pages turning, also points readers to an awareness of the issues of abuse and deception. She has two grown children and resides in Idaho, California and Arizona with her husband, Michael.

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