The Dragon, the Blade and the Thread

Book Three of the Star Trilogy
Frustrated by his father’s expectations to follow in his footsteps, Prince Corin prefers sewing to sword fighting and herb-lore to heraldry.  He is further annoyed that his cousin Elinor has the eagerness for skills at arms which he lacks.  By a stroke of luck, Elinor uncovers a plot to overthrow the crown, and the cousins scheme how to foil it.  They are befriended by a marketplace magician, but the queen suspects he is a master of the black arts and the cause of their Luck Dragon’s baffling illness. When their lives and the destiny of the kingdom are at stake, Corin must choose either to trust this mysterious old man or heed the warnings of his parents.

Donald Samson Donald Samson grew up in the mega-urban environment of Los Angeles at a time when the smog was thick and the freeways were flinging their tentacles throughout the city.   After expanding his horizons through study at UC Santa Barbara, he sought fresh air and adventure.  He set off for a dozen years of travel, living as an expat first in Greece, then for a long stretch in Germany, and finally landing in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland. Upon returning to the States, he learned the art of teaching children, and was a Waldorf class teacher for nineteen years. It was during this time that he developed his love for storytelling. His first books owe their origin to stories he told to one of his classes. It was his students' persistent requests (badgering, really) to read the stories he had told that led him to write them down.  He currently lives in western Colorado working as the educational director of a public charter Waldorf school.

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