A Very Brilliant Affair

The Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812

This is, surprisingly, the first full-length study of the Battle of Queenston Heights, when American forces invaded Upper Canada across the Niagara River in one of the first major actions in the War of 1812. The British General Isaac Brock, who was killed in the battle, has taken on legendary proportions as the “savior of Upper Canada.” The battle was a major ­defeat for the American campaign and a morale boost for the inhabitants of  Upper Canada. Brock’s place and that of the battle in Canadian history are explored to explain why such an impressive monument was raised in his name on the battle site overlooking the Niagara River. Based on primary research, A Very Brilliant Affair is the definitive and readable story of this famous event.

Robert Malcomson The late Robert Malcomson was a leading expert on the War of 1812 and the Age of Sail on the Great Lakes and the author of several books, including Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814 and A Very Brilliant Affair: The Battle of Queenston Heights, 1812.

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