Maybe He's Not Gay

Another View on Homosexuality

Despite attempts to silence, distort and censor reasonable, conservative views about homosexuality, the youth of America deserve so much better. They deserve to see the complete picture. More and more young people are announcing, “I’m gay,” and deciding this is their identity, so it’s time to take a closer look. It’s a profound declaration, a new civil right (they are told) and it’s “who you are.” But there’s a problem. Are we sure this is the truth? Does this identity bring the promised liberation and the key to a whole new life? Does it lift the burden of secrecy – or begin a different kind of struggle? Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality by Linda Harvey addresses these critical questions. This book is for America’s youth and the bright future they can all have, regardless of the turmoil of adolescence, which for some, may include same sex attractions or gender confusion. What do those feelings mean? Is there another possibility that transcends the seeming finality of a homosexual identity? Teens, college students, parents, youth group leaders and many others will appreciate the practical insights and faith perspective of Maybe He’s Not Gay.

Linda Harvey Linda Harvey is the president and founder of Mission America. She is an author, speaker and radio host who has reported on sexual identity politics for twenty years. Raised in a liberal home, Linda became a Christian and changed her mind and heart about some of the most volatile issues of our time. A former teacher who became an advertising executive, then head of a Christian pro-family group, Linda has been interviewed by media outlets from coast to coast. Since 2009, she has been the host of the Mission America radio show broadcast throughout Ohio. The author of numerous articles on homosexuality, youth culture and Christian faith issues, Linda has spoken to adult and youth audiences all over North America. She is also a wife and mother of two.

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