Lasting Love At Last

The Gay Guide to Relationships

At last, gay love is here to stay. 
In the era of mobile apps, the gay dating census (aka #BaeBuffet) is literally in the palm of your hands. But how do you sift through all the digital smoke and glitter to find a heart of gold? Enter certified matchmaker and love coach, Amari Ice, and his twelve-step RELATIONSHIP Process. In Lasting Love at Last, Amari Ice, the gay relationship guru, will show you:
·       How to attract lasting love in as little as ten weeks

·       How to recognize and neutralize what’s sabotaged your past relationships

·       The reason most relationships fail

·       The difference between not being ready for a relationship and being scared of commitment

·       What you actually need from a partner in order to be happy

·       How to guarantee you only invest in someone worth your time, energy, and love

·       And much, much more

If Paul Carrick Brunson’s It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be) and Patti Stanger’s Become Your Own Matchmaker had a #Gayby, Lasting Love At Last is what they’d name it.

Amari Ice

Amari Ice is on a mission to empower gay men to have the lasting love they desire and deserve. Utilizing his expertise in personality psychology, communication, and interpersonal relationships, he helps individuals, couples, and groups get emotionally intelligent results in love and in life. Amari’s coaching and matchmaking philosophy is founded on his twelve-step RELATIONSHIP Process, which he outlines in his international Amazon best-seller, Lasting Love at Last: The Gay Guide to Catching and Keeping the Man of Your Dreams. Through his book, live workshops and coaching programs, Amari provides single gay men with a proven method to initiate and navigate romantic interactions.

Amari has worked with over 500 gay men, and his expertise and experience have helped clients in all relationship phases get clear about their needs and develop the mindset and skills necessary to make love last. Before he launched his coaching and matchmaking enterprise, Amari Means Love, he spent over a decade leading organizations and programs designed to empower the LGBTQ community. Amari received an MBA in marketing from Strayer University after studying communication, culture, and psychology at Howard University. He lives in Northern Virginia with his partner and their cat.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Featured on Website, newsletter and social media of The Author Incubator (book coaching site)
  • ARCs sent to book launch team to increase awareness on social media
  • Social media campaign on the following platforms: Facebook, Snapchat
  • First openly gay black man to become a Certified Matchmaker, from the Matchmaking Institute: The School of Matchmaking and Relationship Sciences (Patti Stranger, the Millionaire Matchmaker taught the masterclass).