Choose Words Choose Life

51 Dates That Change Lives
The goal of this book is to examine some very specific things that we can do in the lives of our children to teach them truths - truths that transform. It's not enough to simply protect our kids. A sapling must be protected until it's strong enough to be transplanted outside in a garden. Eventually, though, that sapling must be moved outside or it will become root bound and die. It would be a foolish gardener who would move the sapling outside without first making sure he had done everything to get the tree ready for the "outside" world. So it is with our children. Protecting is appropriate for a season; then we must begin to prepare them to be strong and thrive. The wind that would destroy a sapling causes the young tree to grow deeper roots and stronger limbs. How do we capture the hearts and minds of the next generation as we both protect and prepare them to thrive? How do we avoid becoming simply "talking heads" to our kids while their eyes glaze over and they tune us out? The answer is found in these 51 easy, yet life changing dates to take with your kids.

Lynelle Zandstra Lynelle Zandstra believes in the transforming power of God's Word. She is passionate about taking God's Word and practically applying it in a way that is life changing. Speaking with candor and humor, she addresses key issues regarding Christian living, marriage and parenting. Lynelle speaks nationally for FamilyLife, at church retreats and at conferences. Married to Mario Zandstra, President & Ceo of Pine Cove, a Christian Camp ministry, Lynelle is the mother of 3 boys and 4 girls, ranging from grade school to grad school. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of SMU and a certified lay member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, she resides in Tyler, Texas.

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