The Rhino Records Story

The Revenge of the Music Nerds

In the 1970s in the backroom of a record store, Harold Bronson and Richard Foos were making history—and so, Rhino Records was born. Harold Bronson’s The Rhino Records Story tells the tale of how a little record shop became a multimillion dollar corporation.  

This behind-the-scenes look at a company considered by many to be the industry’s best, reveals the secrets to their success. Written from the perspective of co-founder Harold Bronson, The Rhino Records Story divulges a unique business approach which made Rhino what it was at the height of its success.  

In a mix of hard work and good humor, the story of Rhino Records takes shape. Struggling against corporate interests, the demands of rock star personalities, and a perpetual underdog reputation, Bronson provides an exclusive insight into how Rhino excelled. By the fans, for the fans, Rhino Records is the story of rock history, evolving pop culture, and a unique understanding of the music that mattered.

Harold Bronson of Los Angeles, CA Harold Bronson co-founded the Rhino Records label, and co-ran the company with Richard Foos for 24 years. Rhino has been considered the best reissue label in the world, and for a number of years was awarded label of the year by the record retailers organization NARM. He also oversaw the Rhino Films, executive producing such features as Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, starring Johnny Depp. Bronson has written about pop music for the Los Angeles Times, L.A Free Press, and Rolling Stone.

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