Jeremiah's Ghost

A child petrified by the shadows in his bedroom. A boy shrinking from the anger of his father. A wandering adolescent who sees the Twin Towers as the legs of an interplanetary god. A new adult battered by the absence of that god.

Burdened by the weight of the past and the uncertainty of the future, Jeremiah sets out in search of the answers to his own mysteries, embarking on a journey that will carry him from the raves of New York to the Latin tropics to Israel’s Independence Hall, and back to an autumn evening in The Sheep Meadow when the world was still whole.

A story of fathers and sons, self and shadows, Jeremiah’s Ghost traces the path of a young man through a landscape where memory is just another kind of fiction.

Isaac Constantine of San Francisco, CA

Isaac Constantine was born in New York City in 1978. He attended Williams College, where he earned his BA in English, and Columbia University for an MFA in Fiction.

Constantine worked briefly in publishing as an editorial assistant at The Paris Review and Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins. He is a blogger, a freelance writer and editor, a veteran of the Occupy Wall Street movement and an activist associated with the Anonymous hacker collective. He lives in San Francisco.

Photo Credit: Miriam Berkley

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