30 Days to Successful Fundraising

"30 Days to Successful Fundraising" is perfect for anyone who needs a crash course-or even a refresher course-on fundraising. It covers everything they need to know about getting the money they ask for including: writing effective letters and printed materials, developing compelling visual materials, creating workable fundraising strategies, developing qualitative budgets, cultivating donors, motivating volunteers, integrating public relations with fundraising efforts-even the unthinkable, how and when to say "No" to a donor. They'll also learn how to "speak" fundraising by becoming familiar with important terms. After mastering "30 Days to Successful Fundraising," the reader will be able to say "I'm a fundraiser" with confidence. And more importantly, will know they have taken the most important steps on the road to fundraising success.

Stephen Goldstein of Ft. Lauderdale, FL Author, journalist, and radio and TV talk show host, Stephen L. Goldstein, is an op-ed columnist and one of The Dueling Columnists for The Sun-Sentinel (Tribune paper in South Florida). He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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