Mending Tomorrow

Choosing Hope, Finding Wholeness

When life gets hard, it's tempting to get stuck in our questions. "Why did this happen to me? Why does it have to be this way?" But as Alyssa Quilala learned after losing a child, the important questions are not the ones we're asking, but the ones being asked of us: "What are you going to do? How will you respond?" The way we respond to these questions today will determine our future. Responding well is how we mend tomorrow. 

Alyssa Quilala of Sacramento, CA

Alyssa Quilala is a wife, mom, minister, and fitness instructor. She and her husband Chris Quilala, lead singer for the worship band Jesus Culture, are the parents of Ella and Aria and overcame the unexpected stillbirth of their son, Jet, whom she carried in pregnancy for almost nine months. During the writing of this book, Alyssa and Chris received the news that they are pregnant with their fourth child. Alyssa is actively involved in ministry at her home church, Jesus Culture Sacramento. Along with being an ordained minister, Alyssa is also certified in Pilates, Barre Training, Spin Bike, and Group Fitness Training. Alyssa is passionate about living out a healthy way to express emotions, and helping others overcome traumatic experiences with biblical tools. She believes that both physical health and emotional health are crucial parts of living a whole and happy life in Christ.

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  • Social media reach of over 2.75 million through Alyssa's personal accounts, her husband Chris Quilala's, and Jesus Culture's
  • Endorsed by Banning Liebscher, founder and director of Jesus Culture
  • Promoted at Jesus Culture events, estimated total attendance for 2015 events is over 150,000