The Shine Factor

Imagine reaching the end of your life journey and realizing much of your time and energy were focused on the wrong thngs.

What would you change? How would you live differently if given another chance?

Meet Robert Elder, a performance driven high-achieving business owner.  Take a ride with him on the highway to success.  Prepare yourself for an unexpected detour that could make all the difference in your life.

In this simple yet profound parable, Robert finds himself in a curious sutuation facing some of the choices he has made.  As you join Robert on this enlightening journey you may uncover some insights into your own life.  Discover the eternal potential of a life focused on doing the right things for the right reason.  

Let this compelling story bless you with timeless truths, enduring values and an eternal vision that will brighten your day.  Don't just open this book.  Open your heart.  Open your mind.  Let The Shine Factor guide you to a future beyond what you could hope for or imagine.

Kris DenBesten

Kris DenBesten is President/CEO for Vermeer Southeast, an international construction equipment business headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Kris has authored three prior books on living by faith. His passion for workplace ministry has empowered him to become a frequent speaker and servant leader in the business as ministry movement. Kris and his wife Robin reside in central Florida with their three children Cole, Gracyn, and Brooks.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Organizations that will be supporting and distributing The shine Factor. C12 Group. They have 85 chairmen who lead Christian CEO and owner peer groups in over 100 cities. Their membership is over 2000 who own or run businesses ranging in size from 5 to over 5000+ employees. Through C12 over 2500 copies of my prior book Shine have been distributed. FCCI. Fellowship of Companies for Christ International. They are involved in 100+ countries. I met their CEO last week and he intends to make the book available on their website to all their members. I believe that number to be 5,000+ Integrity Resource Center. They minister to 10,000+ annually through events in various cities. They are developing an online Shine training course and will be marketing the book to their live event and radio broadcast audience. Navigators workplace ministry. I spoke to their workplace ministry group last week and expect they will be using the book in many Bible studies across the country.