Street Souls

Tom Mathews is at his lowest on the streets of San Francisco. He is a nonperson, without money, job, decent clothes or home. He is homeless. Everyday is bad, with rarely enough food. But the worst is winter and the ever-constant cold. A chill permeneates the deepest core of his being. In Street Souls, you'll also meet and array of strange characters, based on real street people. Among them are the rulers of the street, the street thugs. They add to Tom's difficulty through terror and violence, and he is forced to respond in kind. He can't even think about a normal life because of the fight for mere exsistence. Personal achievement is measured by getting through one more day without dying. the homless die every day, but when police are attacked and begin to die as well, roundups, investigations and brutality begin. When a naive, undercover policewoman is assigned to the streets, Tom's life becomes even more complicated, trying to save another's life even while he is scrambling for his o

William S. Hatting

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