Rosie Clayton witnesses a mugging on her first night in London—and then the scene rewinds itself. She finds herself standing in the same place again, with the mugging happening just like before, except this time a stranger steps in and stops it. The stranger, Albert, and his band of misfit crime-fighters, have a special ability, which allows them to rewind just enough time to undo a recent event. Someone is hunting Albert and his crew– and now that Rosie’s been seen with them, she’s a target too. Each step into this magical side of London introduces Rosie to a family legacy that she never knew existed, and dangerous forces that could unravel her home in an instant.

Reminiscent of Cassie Clare’s Infernal Devices, Anne Riley’s portrayal of contemporary London will envelop readers in a mystic haze as Pull’s dynamic cast of characters fills the pages with energy. History is rarely confined to the past – the key is learning to use it before it can haunt you.

Anne Riley of Burmingham, AL

Anne Riley is an author of young adult fiction cleverly disguised as a high school Spanish teacher. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her family. When she isn’t teaching or writing, Anne enjoys playing with her kids and reading novels that become part of her soul. She’s also really great at pretending to clean her house and putting off the laundry until it overtakes an entire room. Anne is not good at sports, despite having played volleyball for four years of her life, but she is a very talented coffee-maker. You can connect with her online at annerileybooks.com.

Marketing & Publicity
  • A Goodreads giveaway will be planned for before the book’s release date.
  • Physical ARCs will be sent to major pro reviewers and digital ARCs will be available through NetGalley.
  • This book will be promoted through an on-going social media campaign, starting about 10 months before the release date with a cover reveal blitz and intensifying around the book’s release with a blog tour and social media blasts.