Mxit and Africa's mobile revolution

In these crisscrossing threads are woven the fabric of a community, a society, an economy, a nation. And beyond that, the world itself. But the technology isn't the dream. The dream is what you can do with it.' Three revolutions changed the face of South Africa, the economic powerhouse of the African continent, in 1994. The first was democracy, as millions of newly-enfranchised citizens went to the polls to elect a new government. The second was the internet, bringing information, learning and entertainment into millions of homes. But the real signal of change in the air was the arrival of an electronic device that would put undreamed-of power into the hands of the people. The cellular phone.

Alan Knott-Craig Alan Knott-Craig is 'n welbekende Suid-Afrikaanse teg-preneur wat in sosiale media, telekommunikasie en sosiale-impaktegnologie spesialiseer. Hy is die redigeerder van die 2008-blitsverkoper Don't Panic! en die skrywer van Mobinomics, die storie van Mxit - die grootste sosialenetwerkinstrument in Afrika. Die W?reld Ekonomiese Forum het hom 'n 2009 Jong Globale Leier genoem. Knott-Craig is tans die HUB van Project Isizwe, wat gratis wi-fi-netwerke na Suid-Afrika bring.

Gus Silber Gus Silber is an award-winning journalist, editor, speechwriter and author, with a special interest in social entrepreneurship. He has penned several books, covering South African sociopolitical satire, innovation in business, entrepreneurship and mobile technology.

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