Training for Reigning

Releasing the Power of your Potential

Let Dr. Bill Winston help you release the power of your potential through Training for Reigning, the first of the Success in Life Series. Achieve victory by declaring the outcome before the fight even starts. Learn the power of patience by understanding that "delays are not denials." Live in righteousness because God has imparted His righteousness to you! Empower yourself through the power of God's strength to releaseyour potential today!

Bill Winston Bill Winston is a visionary leader whose mission is to empower believers through teaching and preaching the uncompromised Word of God, and to fulfill their highest calling and change the world through Jesus Christ. He is accomplishing that mission by serving as the: Founder of Bill Winston Ministries-a television and radio ministry outreach, Founder and Pastor of Living Word Christian Center-a 19,000-member church in Forest Park, Illinois, President and Founder of Faith Ministries Alliance (FMA), Founder and Chairman of The Joseph CenterR for Business Development, and the President of New Covenant Community Development Corporation.

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