Become a Client Magnet

27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor
A quick, interesting and sometimes humorous read for anyone who practices a profession, owns a service business or sells a service, this book provides simple yet timely and important lessons about getting and keeping good clients in any economic climate or competitive environment. The lessons are easy to implement, generally don't cost anything and will have an immediate and powerful impact on your practice or business."Sandy's background as an attorney shows through in his sensitivity to the issue of selling under the radar. There are no crass or overt "selling" techniques that professionals understandably recoil from. His short segments on creative listening and attraction-versus-promotion allow his readers to become master sales and marketing practitioners without any pushy components or hucksterism. This compact, impactful book is the perfect antidote to an economy that has forgotten how to sell - "I urge EVERYONE who wants to EARN their way out of debt to get a copy now!" -Steve C

Sandy Schussel Once an unhappy lawyer, Schussel survived cancer and transformed his life. Now he motivates, trains and coaches sales and service professionals, helping them attract and keep the kinds of clients they really want. The author of The High Diving Board, he believes that every career should bring us not just income but also adventure, passion, joy and fulfillment.

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