Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth?

"Have YOU ever seen a Moose brushing his teeth?  You will knee slap and toe-tap in true disbelief!  It's a sight like no other, so it's been said, three times a day and then right before bed!" 

The silly Moose antics continue in this sequel to Have You Ever Seen A Moose Taking A Bath?  The delightful rhyming lyrics are accompanied by vibrant, action-packed illustrations.

This lovable Moose has waited too long to care for his "toofers" and now his teeth have the slime!  Join him as he takes all the necessary steps to regain his "pearly whites"!

This engaging book captures the wonder of Mother Nature while stressing the importance of good dental hygiene!

Jamie McClaine

Jamie McClaine's incredible love for children combined with the wonder of Mother Nature's animals has inspired her to write about different ways to make daily grooming habits FUN!  Jamie and her husband live in Indiana with their two delightful children!  

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