Reclaiming the Common Good

How Christians Can Help Re-Build Our Broken World

In Reclaiming the Common Good, leading thinkers and social activists contribute to a collection of essays exploring what is meant by ‘The Common Good’ (the theme of the 2017 Greenbelt Arts Festival) and how it can be implemented. The book covers the break down of the post-war consensus (including the erosion of human rights/civil liberties, rise of endless war and climate change), thoughts on how to reclaim The Common Good from those who would misappropriate it, and new models of implementing it.

Virginia Moffatt

Virginia Moffatt is a novelist and former Director of Ekklesia. Contributors also include - Simon Duffy (Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform); Vaughan Jones (founder of Praxis); Savi Hensman and Bernadette Meaden (both Ekklesia Associates); Simon Barrow (Director of Ekklesia); Simon Woodman (Minister of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church); and Chris Cole (Director of Drone Wars UK).

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