Elephant's Rope and the Untethered Spirit, The

A Remarkable True Story of Healing and Hope
This book will move even the hardened skeptic. It confirms that supressed anger and stress can impact health in subtle, yet ultimately severe ways, and then goes on to demonstrate that real miracles happen when body, mind and spirit are integrated through the use of both conventional and unconventional healing methods. Lynne Picard's story is that of a courageous woman who learns how to strike an effective balance between traditional treatment and natural healing. What makes this book unique is that she is not biased toward either-quite the contrary. She understands that sometimes both are necessary in order to acheive true holistic healing. During her battle with cancer there were several periods of remission followed by recurrences. Conventional treatments-surgery and chemotherapy-bought Lynne the time she need to discover true healing. She followed alternate paths not always understanding their purpose ath the outset. Some of these paths led to radical treatments whose results she c

Lynne Picard

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