So That's How I Began

the facts about where babies come from

So That’s How I Began! is a book to have on hand from the moment a child begins asking questions. It explains modern day families, body parts, natural and assisted conception, pregnancy and birth.

Presented in an age appropriate and matter of fact style, the book encourages all-important conversation from an early age and is entirely flexible – read it from cover to cover or simply jump to the part relevant to the child’s question.

Wonderfully illustrated and written in a warm, relaxed and inclusive way and with positive messages throughout, this is a book that both child and adult will be comfortable to read over and over.

Gina Dawson

Gina Dawson loves to write children’s books and short stories, and her award winning stories and poetry have been published in multiple anthologies and magazines. When not writing children’s manuscripts or entering short story or poetry competitions, Gina volunteers as a proofreader for a charity and also records elderly people’s life stories.

Her other interests include, in no particular order, reading, walking, architecture, travelling, exercising her dog, and spending time with family and friends.

SoThat’s How I Began! is her fourth book.

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