All Animal Beings

All Animal Beings have their own unique personalities, they share our emotions, they share our fears, and they share our love.

For many years we were taught that animals were mere automatons, driven purely by instinct. Even as a young child I could instinctively tell from our family dogs that this wasn’t the case, but only recently, in the last couple of decades, has science really caught up with what animal lovers have known for centuries and probably since the dawn of humanity.

We forget that our raw emotions of love, lust, hate, hunger, happiness, fear; are shared with each mammal and bird on the planet. 

This book is filled with portraits of some of the most character filled Beings I have met and photographed.

Ken & Beck Drake

Master Photographer Ken Drake and wife Beck established Zoo Studio in 2006, specialising in animal art photography. 

Zoo Studio photographs only pets, capturing the bond between them and their owners. Zoo Studio’s signature style is in capturing the unique personalities of all the animals they photograph. 

Ken Drake is a multi award-winning photo­grapher and animal portraiture specialist. Ken’s understanding of animal manners, body language and knowing how to bring out the very best in his furry subjects, sets Zoo Studio apart.

Zoo Studio are also passionate about helping animals in need and have worked with many charities since Zoo Studio was born – they even launched the Zoo Studio Foundation so they could provide a greater focus on raising funds, using their photographic and business skills for charities that can’t necessarily do it all themselves. 

“We passionately believe that Animal Welfare is a top priority and that, as a successful business in the pet industry, it is our duty to do what we can to help those animals in need, and the people who help them,” says Beck.

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  • Zoo Studio are also passionate about helping animals in need and have worked with many charities
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