Degree of Normal

A Woman's Journey Out of Childhood Abuse

At her mother’s funeral, Jocelyn makes a startling discovery—she has an aunt, her mother’s sister. Not only does this woman offer college-student Jocelyn much needed employment, but Aunt Paula holds the key to unlocking family secrets, secrets Jocelyn needs to confront.

With the help of her best friend Alex, Jocelyn begins a journey of knocking down inner walls she has erected from years of abuse. The question is—will those broken walls free her or bury her? And what about this new-found aunt, a restaurateur/artist who signs her paintings “Charlie”?

In this psychological novel, enter the world of  trauma survival through dissociation and redemption through love and courage. 

This mental health issue (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is complex and a difficult topic to undertake in a fictional book.  I applaud the author  for taking on this subject.  ~ Dr. Debra Johnson, MD

Barbara Harken

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Barbara Harken was raised in Chicago and moved to Iowa at the age of sixteen. She teaches writing at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa and, in her spare time, dabbles in art. Barbara and her husband, Bob, have two adult sons, two grandchildren, and two patient daughters-in-law. This is her third novel.

Other Novels by Barbara Harken

The 86th Degree

A Story of Abuse, Rejection, and Healing

“Harken introduces the reader to the foundational issues of child abuse, verbal and physical, and the paradigm shift in philosophical, psychological, and legal implications being faced in our society today. Conflict, resolution, and more conflict keep the reader glued to the pages of this important novel which creates a social awareness and critique of the problems of abusive relationships and the importance of the availability of emotional caregivers.”
~ Richard Blake

Degree of Guilt

A mystery novel about a woman defending her grandfather’s name who must brave insults, pranks, and assaults on her life to find the truth and ensure justice—with the help of a ghost whit his own agenda.

“I loved it! Mystery, romance, honest sentiment all with a touch of Stephen King.” ~ Leta Magee

“Couldn’t put it down.” ~ Janice Olejnik

“Unraveling a Mystery in the Northwoods.” ~ Richard Hansen

“A guilty pleasure.” ~ Janet Withers

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