Knitted Fairy Tales

Delightful and Enchanting Characters to Make

Immerse yourself in the magical, fantastical land of fairy tales, with ogres, witches, princes and princesses! Each character has been designed with individual features and outfits, and stuffed to give a three-dimensional shape. This adorable collection of wonderful knitted projects is sure to be a hit with the little people in your life.

A helpful introduction includes all the information you need to know on techniques, tools and materials to help you get started and create your knitted fairy tale kingdom. Each project includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions, together with suggested yarns and beautiful photographs of the finished fairy tale character so you know what to aim for.

Cilla Webb

Cilla Webb was born and raised in Belgium, where she was taught to knit at a young age by her mum.  She soon became hooked on the craft. While expecting her first baby Cilla designed and made a pattern for a toy.  She now designs for Knit Now magazine, fitting the work alongside her regular teaching career.

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