Under the Wild Ginger

A Simple Guide to the Wisdom of Wonder

This book is a collection of evocative reflections which gently and compellingly urge the reader to reclaim the wonder and wisdom of childhood. Part nature walk, part self-reflection, part spirit quest, it inspires uninhibited curiosity and enthusiasm for small things, those small wonderful things so often hidden to first glances like the exquisite flower beneath the leaves of the wild ginger. Through his patient probing the author shows us how, for each layer of our perceptual, emotional and spiritual inattentiveness we’re willing to shed,  nature, in return,

will shed one layer of her mystery.

Jeffrey Willius of Minneapolis, MN Jeffrey Willius is a seasoned writer, graphic designer, inventor and inveterate observer of life. He produces the popular blog, One Man's Wonder (http://www.onemans wonder.com), his reflections on life, Nature and new ways of seeing. Under the Wild Ginger is his first book. Willius lives in Minneapolis, MN and Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico

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