Splendid Isolation

The Jekyll Island Millionaires' Club 1888-1942

SPLENDID ISOLATION spans 54 years, from the Gilded Age to World War II, and is told through the voices of four longtime employees of the exclusive Jekyll Island Club, where the first families of American industry and finance gathered every winter. These titans (such as J.P. Morgan, William Rockefeller, Joseph Pulitizer and others), who controlled one-sixth of the world’s wealth,spent three to five months on one of Georgia’s most beautiful sea-barrier islands, where they could hunt, golf, play tennis, bicycle along sand-packed roadways, and ride horses—as well as dine at the elegant Jekyll Island Hotel, enjoy the north beaches, and stroll under live oak trees draped in Spanish moss.  Mueller weaves a captivating tale,  as told through the unique voices of four Jekyll Island Club employees, about the powerful elite chasing the American entrepreneurial dream and making history, including the first transcontinental phone call, presidential campaign planning, and the secret creation of what became the Federal Reserve.

Pamela Bauer Mueller

Pamela Bauer Mueller was raised in Oregon.  She has worked as a flight attendant, commercial model and actress, English and Spanish teacher and a U.S. Customs Inspector.  She now lives on Jekyll Island Georgia with her husband Michael and their cats Sukey Spice and Morgan Maurice.

Pamela's children and young adult books have awarded her the 2006/2008and the 2009Georgia Author of the Year titles, three Mom's Choice and Children’s Choice gold medals, the Independent Publisher Gold Book awards and other national awards with Writer's Digest and ForeWord magazines.  In her sixth historical novel, she introduces us to two female Civil War spies, Antonia Ford and Pauline Cushman, and their true stories of deep patriotism, deception and duplicity.

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