Do You Treat Your Pet as if it were Your Child?

In this book you'll find all the dog-data and cat-stats you need to put your house pets in perspective. What do you have in common with the nearly 70 million pet owners in America?

Barry Sinrod

Barry Sinrod has been a respected leader in the marketing and research community for over 40 years, conducting surveys for many of the leading corporations, and this is his 10th book.

Barry attributes his sense of humor and all the good that has come his way to his love for the Brooklyn Dodgers, statistics, and growing up in Brooklyn.

Marlo Mittler Barry Sinrod and Marlo Mittler are the father and daughter team who created the Do You book series, the zany and irreverent surveys of the every day habits of Americans. Previous editions of the authors' popular books have sold over 700,000 copies.

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