Looking at Life Through God-Colored Glasses

Discovering the Key to All That God Has for You

Before living one more moment in the place of not yet, in the time of no hope, or in the company of the deaf, take a moment to look at life from a different perspective.  Journey with Abraham to the Promised Land. Watch Joseph endure bitter slavery so he could save the lives of millions (including those who imprisoned him) and forgive those who betrayed him. Listen with Elijah to God's still small voice.

Dale Perkins Dale Perkins is a mechanical engineer who owns and operates his own mechanical contracting company in Geneva, Florida. He uses his construction expertise to serve on mission projects all across Central America. He also teaches discipleship classes at First United Methodist Church in Winter Park, Florida. This 34-week program covers approximately 85% of the Bible. Dale is heavily involved in the Walk to Emmaus-Upper Room spiritual renewal program.

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