The Art of Murder

Attorney Michael Connelly lives in the small lakeside community of Excelsior, Minnesota. Mike is perfectly content with his mundane life until he attends a nighttime street dance for his high school reunion, where he chances to meet his old high school sweetheart. She is married, and he is not, and the magic between them remains alive

Wally Reutiman of Maple Grove, MN Wally grew up in Excelsior, Minnesota and lived most of his adult life in neighboring Shorewood. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, he worked in the foundry industry where he eventually owned a business. While working in the industry, Wally became exposed to banking as a bank director of a community bank. These experiences gave him knowledge upon which to draw for his story telling. Upon retiring from the foundry business, Wally began his writing career. He now splits his time between Minnesota and Naples, Florida.

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