Wild Sourdough

the natural way to bake

Wild Sourdough is a hands-on and highly practical guide to sourdough bread-making at home.

With more than 45 easy-to-follow sourdough bread recipes, written specially for home-bakers, Wild Sourdough invites you to go back to basics, using just flour, water and salt, and natural fermentation techniques to create simple, wholesome and preservative-free, sourdough bread.

Yoke Mardewi

Following successful careers in Fashion and Finance, Yoke Mardewi took the plunge and decided to work at her first love and passion – the making and sharing of food and in particular, sourdough bread-making.

Yoke runs cooking classes with a specialty in sourdough bread-making. 

Her cooking classes are as much about sharing her warmth and passion for life as they are about the joy of food.

She supports and encourages others to have the courage to pursue their passion in life.

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