Who Invented What When?

Who Invented What When recounts the 500-year saga of innovation that has shaped the world we live in, from the first pocket watch to the latest nanotechnology. Arranged chronologically, each new invention is placed in its historical context and provides insight into the inventor?s life and motivation as well as the difference their invention has made.

David Ellyard David Ellyard has a clear and compelling understanding of how new ideas and innovative technology are transforming our present lives and our common future. This comes from a life deeply involved in science, technology and innovation; as a researcher (including a year in Antarctica), teacher, radio and TV broadcaster, successful author and Government policy adviser. He is a great believer in making science relevant, of putting it in a context. ?Kids may be able to list the periodic table of the elements or carry out complex physics calculations, but they may not know why there is phosphate in their washing powder; or why some batteries last longer than others; or how to find the way south on a starry night. That I think is a pity.?

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