Losing it in France

Les Secrets of the French Diet

Losing it in France reveals the secret French strategies of how to eat delicious food and become a thin eater for life. Including wonderful recipes for classic French dishes, Sally Asher chronicles her transformation from a mindless, emotionally eater with a weight challenge to a woman who listens to the innate wisdom of her body in order to lose weight safely with balance, moderation and variety. During her years in France, Sally found the courage to quit dieting and master the art of intuitive self-care. She describes the secrets she learned from the French about how to enjoy gastronomic pleasures and lose weight at the same time.

Sally Asher Born and raised in Victoria, Sally works as a clinical dermal therapist; health science lecturer; and workshop facilitator. As a self-confessed former dieting pro, Sally found a better way to lasting weight loss while living in France. Prior to having two babies, Sally worked in the health and beauty industry for 20 years internationally. She holds a degree in health science and has worked in the fields of plastic surgery as a paramedical aesthetician.

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